The Most Fun I’ve Had Losing Every Game I Played

Having never played sealed before, I decided to drop $40 on a box of semi-random cards and build a deck with a set I wasn’t really familiar with. This was partly because a friend invited me along and partly because it wasn’t watching a dude hack up a pig with a machete in back-to-back episodes of Hunting Aotearoa.

For Khans of Tarkir sealed you get to choose an event box for one of the clans. The useful things in each box are some Khans of Tarkir boosters, some semi-random cards in your chosen clan’s colour including a foil promotional card, and a d20 life counter. Because of how late I got there, my options were Sultai or Jeskai, the hilariously overpowered Abzan being sadly long gone. I picked Sultai for my familiarity with some of the black cards and the sweet purple d20.

Opening my boosters it became pretty clear that I wouldn’t be playing Sultai at all. I got Sidisi, Brood Tyrant as my promo, but pulling Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker, Butcher of the Horde and Ponyback Brigade locked me into Mardu. Taking some bad advice quickly ruined this with a splash for green becoming green-dominant and a splash for white. This turned out to be a terrible idea.

With horrible, janky mana fixing and one colour more than I could reliably play the deck became pretty unwieldy. I came close to winning the first game I played, and proceeded to be stomped on for the rest of the night. Now that I’m more familiar with the set I’ve come away with a better deck and the goal of doing better next week – a goal I’m optimistic about, considering I couldn’t possibly do worse.

That said, I had fun and I look forward to going back for my league games. Plus, Between Sarkhan and a Wooded Foothills I’ve made back the $40 I spent to play.

Details on the event are here.


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